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The TAKE-OFF Phase:


“Take Off” is an optional two to three-day phase to help cleanse excess stored sugars from the body in order to jolt your metabolism. 

This short “all-you-can-eat” phase is also used as a “plateau-breaker” phase if needed.  


This is a Preparation Phase and a Plateau-Breaker Phase in One




A Low-Carb Phase to Optimize Your Metabolism or Break a Plateau

This Phase Surprises Many People!---Average Loss is 3 to 5 Lbs in only 2-Days, While Enjoying All-You-Can-Eat Meat & Seafood,

with Controlled Portions of Fruit & Salad Greens

(No Bars During Take-Off Phase)


•  Take-Off Plan

•  Take-Off Juice Recipe





• GOLD Weight Loss Plan

(For 25-Lbs or Less Loss, and Next Drop From Purple)

• GOLD Carbo-Cravers

• GOLD Daily Diary


• GREEN Weight Loss Plan

(Takes Off The Last 5 Lbs, and Next Drop From Gold)

• GREEN Carbo-Cravers

• GREEN Daily Diary


• ORANGE Weight Loss Plan

(For Teens)

• ORANGE Carbo-Cravers

• Orange Daily Diary


• PURPLE Weight Loss Plan

(40-Lbs or Less Loss, Next Drop From RED)

• PURPLE Carbo-Cravers

• PURPLE Daily Diary


• RED Weight Loss Plan

(80-Lbs + Loss, and ALL MEN & Athletes)

• RED Carbo-Cravers

• RED Daily Diary   (sneak a peek)


• BLUE Weight Loss Plan  

(For Seniors, Shift Workers or Breastfeeding Moms)

• BLUE Carbo-Cravers

• BLUE Daily Diary


• Xpress Accelerated Weight Loss Plan


• Restaurant Food Guide


• Frozen Food Guide


• Stabilization Weeks 1 thru 6 Plans


Maintenance Plan 


Stabilization & Maintenance are the Key to Keeping The Weight Off Long-Term


The "Weekends Off" plan and Delicious Lite Recipes are also included as a bonus!


Print Food Diary Pages


Print Menu Plans For Easy Food Shopping

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• Getting Started Guide


• Menu Plan Worksheet 

(Used To Determine Which Color Plan is for you,

and when to change color plans to never plateau)


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Individual Plans for

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Eat REAL Food!  Not Powder!

Lots of Vegetarian Food Choices Too

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